About Us

The Nectar Manifesto

Coffee should benefit everyone along the supply chain

So much of the best coffee comes from areas of the world that we would call the “third world.”  We at Nectar believe that one way to help support these areas is to buy coffee that has been directly negotiated with the farmers so that they receive the highest wage for their hard work.  After all, without meticulous farming, picking, processing and drying, we would have no specialty coffee!  Our price reflects the fact that we’re committed to supporting farmers and the future of specialty coffee.

Fresh coffee is the best coffee

There’s much debate in the coffee world around how long coffee stays fresh after it’s been roasted.  We believe that coffee tastes the absolute best from about two days after roast till about three weeks after roast date.  Can you drink coffee after three weeks post roast date? Sure!  But why drink stale coffee when you can sign up for a Nectar Roasting Co. subscription and always have fresh coffee?

Whole bean coffee is the way to go

See “Fresh coffee is the best coffee.”  The recommended shelf life of three weeks quickly goes to hours and minutes once coffee has been ground.  Will it hurt you to drink coffee that has been ground and sitting on the shelf for a few weeks? No! But it would be an injustice to the tireless effort of so many people along the supply chain of coffee to simply let it stale, right before the end of its journey into your cup.

Variety adds flavor to life

There’s so much great coffee out in the world and so little time to explore!  We’re committed to sourcing and roasting coffee from all over the world so you don’t have to worry about which origin you’ll try next.  Our subscription won’t repeat the same coffee in back-to-back shipments, but the same origin might pop up every few months.